Level up

Level up

  • When leveling up, the player will see 3 random skill boxes and can choose 1 skill for the warrior to learn.

  • If you choose stats, you will not lose the skill slot, if you choose a skill that is a skill, weapon, or pet, it will be added to the skill slot

  • Can be changed to another random turn with an additional change fee. Each level up has 3 turns of skill change.

  • Do not random match skills, weapons, pets that Warrior already has, stats can match.

  • When the player does not upgrade but clicks back, the status of the 3 skills that have returned will remain the same, when the player returns, it will appear the same.

Rate of the skill

Random skill ratio is affected by the rarity of the warrior Each stats, skills, weapons, pets have 4 levels from low to high: C -> B -> A -> S

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