Weapons are bonuses you get when you level up. A warrior can take out a weapon during a fight, which will cause the Damage, Counter Rate, Interval and other stats to vary depending on the weapon.

When in hand, there's a possibility that the warrior throws the weapon, making the weapon unusable for the rest of the fight (this does not apply for Thrown weapons), and if the warrior has more weapons in Inventory, they may choose to discard the weapon in hand and take out a different weapon. When a warrior has a weapon in hand and uses Hammer or Thief, the warrior will discard the weapon in hand right before using it.

Weapons can be disarmed by an opponent who has a positive Disarm Rate, being by a skill such as Shock or Iron Head, or by weapons who have a positive Disarm Rate such as Sai and Trombone. The skill Sabotage will remove a random weapon from a warrior's inventory every time it hits the opponent. Saboteur will disarm a random weapon as soon as it's taken out by the opponent.

Weapon Types:

  • Fast weapons

  • Heavy weapons

  • Long weapons

  • Thrown weapons

  • Sharp Weapon

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