The last descendant of the Kingdom of Hungary, the Hikari family, had been wandering throughout Europe for many years before disappearing to return to Budapest. Hikari was trained by the royal tradition and perceived as a wanderer, she was resilient and assertive but also extremely agile. The knowledge of Europe's longest-running modern dynasty helped Hikari find a way to awaken angelic skills and gain admission to the Evangelion Academy at the Vatican.

Hikari was always proud of the family lineage, she always tried to prove the superiority of the Hungarian royal lineage. With a leadership quality and respectable fighting speed, Hikari was always the first to storm the battlefield and devastate opponents like a bolt of lightning. The warriors of Evangelion called her by the name "Thunder Queen" which was a confirmation of Hikari's speed.

Special ability: "All skills, only speed cannot be broken," that was the motto of Hikari. This skill gave Hikari an additional 25% speed and 55 opponent counter attack.

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