Born in the town of Narva, the border of Russia and Estonia. Kaiyo had eyes of two different colors, silver hair and white skin. Because the eyes were the windows of the soul, the people of Narva though that Kaiyo's soul has been hit by a curse of the devil. When Kaiyo was 7 years old, her family was stoned and ostracized by the people, her parents lost their jobs and had to move to the suburbs near the edge of the forest to live.

A life of frustration, stigma for a long time made Kaiyo father sick and died, few years later her mother also passed away. One day, a group of Lilithia believers came to Kaiyo, they did not discriminate her appearance but thought it was a gift. Kaiyo followed them to the Lilithia headquarters, where she was respected and learned to unleash her abilities. With her own efforts, Kaiyo was no longer timid and exuded a cold, seductive charm. Kaiyo's eyes were like an illusionary hole, making her enemies unaware of who was fighting them. Kaiyo's enemies also call her by the name "Eyes of the Death".

Special ability: The strength from Kaiyo's "Magic Eyes" summons 1 illusion to participate in the battle. Each illusion carries Kaiyo's 18% combat skill. They deal less but take more damage.

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