Beautiful KGB female agent Matsuko was a legend among international spies, she mastered many languages, was good at weapons and explosives, had a PhD in experimental chemistry. In an investigation into child trafficking cases on the border of Russia and Belarus, Matsuko happened to witness a fight between Evangelion warriors and heretics. The beliefs and definitions of Matsuko's world were turned upside down, unable to keep calm, so Matsuko decided to follow the Evangelion warriors.

Unfortunately, Matsuko was discovered, the Evangelion sensed astounding. They found out that Matsuko was activated her angelic skill herself, though she didn't know how to use it yet. Matsuko was brought back to the Vatican to join the Evangelion Academy. With knowledge and combat ability combining modern and ancient, Matsuko was a dangerous, most unpredictable warrior in Evangelion army.

Special ability: Being the only warrior who can combine powerful angels with explosives, Matsuko utilized the KGB-trained skills to fight. Matsuko could throw 2 Bombs, each causing wide area 43 damage to opponents.

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