Nishi was born in a family of Voodoo religion in Ethiopia, they claimed themselves to be the descendants of King Solomon - the 3rd King of Israel and the father of Voodoo religion. Nishi was taught many ancient rituals recorded in Solomon's sheepskin books, she understood how to manipulate the beast, summon ancient creatures, borrow the power from the mysterious dark forces.

In one exchange between mystical religions, Nishi learned that the Umi priest of the Lilithian sect was a person with in-depth study of the dark art, the seals and how to summon 72 demons of Solomon. Nishi followed Umi to Lilithia headquarters to learn more about the dark art and joined this religion. In many confrontations with the Evangelion, Nishi was a nightmare to the warriors of the church. With the ability to summon many beasts and mystical creatures, Evangelion called the Nishi "The Druid of Devil".

Special ability: With the ancient Nishi techniques, Nishi was extremely powerful when she summoned beasts. Nishi did not need to share HP for summoned beasts but also increase 15% Damage, 14% Speed, 14% HP for them.

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