As a mixed descendant of Vladimir Dracula lineage with a beautiful Russian woman. Reiko had shiny long hair and lively beauty, she grew up in the ancient castle of Sighisoara in Romania. Through generations, Dracula's lineage lost immortality but gradually adapted to sunlight.

Having been hunted for years by anti-heretic organizations and vampires, the Dracula family had to rely on Lilithia to survive. Reiko was taken to the headquarters of Lilithia when she was 5 years old, with intensive training in combat skills and dark arts. With the unique physique of the Dracula lineage, Reiko perfected the skill of rampaging during battle. It was more dangerous when "Beauty and the Beast" gathered in a human body.

Special ability: Reiko's bloody rampaging magic used the blood from her wound. For every 10% HP lost in battle, Mina gains 2% damage, 3% critical, 2% lifesteal and 4 attack speed.

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