Lilithia Priestess dedicated to Lilith worship - Queen Succubus. She used to be a normal girl in the land of the rising sun (Japan), but after being cheated and sold to the Triads by her addicted boyfriend, beaten, raped and taken to Egypt as a slave to serve in the middle-east rich family.

Umi became hostile to all the men in the world and considered love as an illusion created by the mean men to trick foolish dreaming girls. She was rescued by the Lilithian nuns, then taken to the Lilith temple deep in the Catherine Mountains (the border of Egypt and Israel - Where there were many mysterious monasteries) to learn about ancient languages ​​and charms, human history in the apocrypha Bible. She deciphered the mysteries of King Solomon's history as well as understood the spells, summoned demons, she then found a way to summon the power of Lilith - the succubus queen to enter her body to gain strength to take strong revenge with this world.

Special ability: Umi used a dark charm to summon an invisible protective layer, reducing 14% of the damage Umi incured. This magic armor accumulates 14% of Umi's attack damage in 2 hits.

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