Beautiful, outstanding, dynamic, attractive were all words that described Youta. Since high school Youta has been the focus of the whole school, she has been honored as the Queen of Dance and the leader of the Evangelion High School cheerleading. Youta's wish was to become a professional ballet dancer until she awakened her angelic skills.

When she was transferred to the Evangelion Warrior Academy, taking part in campaigns against heretics, Youta was aware of the wicked face of this world. With her positive energy, Youta completed the most rigorous training and demonstrated the value of optimism to the other warriors. Youta believed that her perfect dance would erase the dark corners of this world and bring brightness to humanity one day.

Special ability: Combining the fight and the flexibility of Ballet, Youta was really a dancer in the arena. This unique skill allowed Youta to increase 80 evasion, 30 combo, 20 precision, and 20 accuracy parry.

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