As a female Templa (knights of the temple), commander of the Evangelion army, and as a Princess of the royal Israel (King David), she carried Eva's mission: to protect people from the evil Lilith. Evangelion searched for men and women who have opened the angel's seal, helped them to unite to discover the skills of angels.

Yuuka was a natural leader, she led the Evangelion forces to confront heresy and broke the dirtiest conspiracies against humanity. Despite being less involved in field battles, Yuuka was said to be the guardian deity of Evangelion and the church. She was also the most passionate of tracing the garden of Eden.

Special ability: Considered as the guardian deity of the Evangelion, Yuuka's strength was built on the solid foundation of faith and love. This skill gave Yuuka 70 parry blocks and 25 points to destroy weapons on the opponent's hands.

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