Roadmap to Luna Metaverse

Luna Rush will take the very first step to creating the Luna Metaverse, opening portals between GameFi worlds! And we have a clear strategy and specific actions for this next big thing! We aim at three main goals:

  1. Acquiring more new users: as the community grows big, Luna Rush will attract more users at a faster rate and eventually become a society with many exciting activities in it.

  2. Making Luna Rush more sustainable: making Luna Rush a sustainable and healthy world is a MUST for the development team, to protect the project and the benefits of all investors and users.

  3. Making Luna Rush more beyond a game: carrying the Metaverse ambition in mind, our team's mission is to build a bustling world with many diverse, interesting, and challenging activities.

With those targets in mind, we make a clear roadmap for March 2022 with specific actions:

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Get ready warriors, and look forward to more wonderful news from us!

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