Auto Battle

  • Each warrior possesses different strengths, weapons and skills.

  • The warriors going to the arena will automatically compete based on the skills that the player has practiced.

  • Choose the path to build a warrior suitable for each warrior to achieve the highest win rate.

  • Choosing the right opponent and having different skills is the way to win the matches.

Mode game

There are 3 mode gameplay modes in Luna Rush

Boss battle

  • Players bring 1 to 3 warriors to hunt the boss.

  • Every day there will be 10 boss maps appearing for players to participate in hunting.

  • Killing boss number 1 will unlock boss number 2...

  • After the boss dies, the player will be opened a chest with the token corresponding to that chest.

  • At exactly 0 o'clock UTC will reset the map and start from the beginning.


  • Players bring their warriors to the arena to compete with other players.

  • Accumulate experience and learn more skills and weapons to increase strength.

  • Each win will get more tokens and experience points, trophies.

  • Trophies to race the leaderboard, great prize when in a high position at the end of the season.

  • Mode battle 1v1, 3v3.


  • When the warrior reaches a certain level, he will be able to participate in the tournament.

  • There are many tournament tables to compete to find the strongest.

  • Depending on the tournament table, there will be different valuable rewards.

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